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Snow memories

snowy day in February

Predictions of 2 feet of snow prompted Anna to ask me what's the most snow I can remember walking through and I think a few years in the early 70's created conditions close to that in Ohio where I grew up.

Today I overheard a conversation waiting in line at the post office where two older guys were talking about the Winter of 1947 when the school burned down and the snow was up to his waist when he was in the First grade.

I remember one of those Winter days in the early 70's when my Dad took a 2x4 and rolled it in the snow until it was massive. One of us decided it looked like a whale and an hour later after much sculpting and a little blue food coloring we had the only Snow Whale on the block.

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I rememeber a snowdrift over my head next to Silas's barn when I was young.
Comment by Tue Feb 11 16:24:50 2014
Hi--Snow was almost over my 5 yr old head, as I walked to school, in 47-8, tho maybe it was because the sidewalks that were shoveled had heaped snow on the sides. But I remember a snow igloo that year! And then, the freak St. Patrick's day snowstorm that almost buried cars overnight--and stranded me in the inner city overnight when I was coming home on the MTA--because the power went off on the trolley-cars!
Comment by adrianne Tue Feb 11 17:31:06 2014
My freshman year of college was also the year my dad moved out of my mom's house. That would've been the winter of 99-2000. That year we had enought snow and my sisters (9 and 14) made a two headed snow man. Drivers were slamming on their brakes as they passed, doing double takes. =D
Comment by Emily from Bristol Tue Feb 11 17:39:38 2014

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