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Snake bite?

Lucy at the Vet outside of Gate City

We took Lucy to the vet today because she had a swollen cheek.

The doctor thinks it could have been a snake bite, most likely a Black Rat snake.

Antibiotics and an extra Milk Bone should have her feeling better in no time.

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That's Lucy's good side Mark photoed. The doctor had to lance the infected abcess, which came about as the result of some kind of puncture wound. So, it's not due to venom from a snakebite, but could still be from a snake.
Comment by anna Tue Oct 15 14:38:45 2013
Sometimes dogs can get punctures on the insides of their cheeks and throat from sticks. Carrying them in their mouth and bumping into things. Hope she feels better soon :)
Comment by Heather Keller Tue Oct 15 14:50:29 2013

Poor Lucy! Hope she is healed up soon. Dogs can sure run into trouble. And non venomous snakes can still cause infection. Our dog Tucker developed an abcess on the top of his snout, and within days, the entire area erupted... We called it his nose explosion. It was very nasty looking. The vet believed it was some kind of auto immune reaction, and he would need steroids the rest of his life. But we believed that it was from an earlier (6 months or so) encounter with a porcupine. We think spines broke off in the roof of his mouth and eventually worked their way up to the surface, causing the abcess.the vet was very surprised that it eventually healed up.

Comment by Deb Wed Oct 16 05:08:15 2013
Glad to hear that it doesn't seem to be anything major. Animals who live outside certainly seem to find their share of trouble to get into from time to time. We've learned how important it is to have a good relationship with a local vet.
Comment by Jonathan Thu Oct 17 09:58:26 2013

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