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metal roofing doing it yourself by lifting

It was a great day for sliding metal up a ladder.

A bit more sliding and we'll have a complete roof sometime tomorrow.

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Y'all want to buy our little travel trailer to add as another wing to your home? On a different note, having a solid, leak-free roof can mean the difference between quite happy and very sad winters in my book. :) Looks great!
Comment by mitsy Tue Sep 11 19:14:00 2012

Mitsy --- We appreciate the offer, but it took a bulldozer to get our trailer back in here. Much easier to haul in supplies one stick at a time.... :-)

We're thrilled by the idea of not having to wake up in the middle of a winter thunderstorm to empty the five gallon bucket overflowing in the hall.

By the way, I haven't run this by Mark yet, but would you two be interested in coming to the seed swap a bit early and having a picnic lunch with us first? On the one hand, we may be the only ones who come to the seed swap, but I've been putting up fliers around town, so in a perfect world, there might be so many strangers we wouldn't have time to talk to each other. :-)

Comment by anna Tue Sep 11 20:06:40 2012
Sure! We were thinking of heading over a bit early anyway -- what time? Do you know if it's ok to bring the dog to the trailhead? We might check out the Northern Trailhead first because our mutt probably can't do 6 miles round-trip from the Hanging Rock one. ;)
Comment by mitsy Wed Sep 12 09:20:58 2012

Mitsy --- I'm pretty sure I've seen dogs on the trails in the National Forest. (Actually, now that I think about it, I think I hiked Lucy up to the waterfall once, but I kept her on a leash.) It is all uphill from the Hanging Rock trailhead, so it's a bit of a hike.

I was thinking maybe meet at noon? I don't think Mark and I plan to get there early enough to hike this time.

Comment by anna Wed Sep 12 20:05:20 2012
Sounds good. We'll see you around noon -- with a nice, tired dog that won't bother us during our picnic. ;)
Comment by mitsy Thu Sep 13 09:37:22 2012
Mitsy --- See you then!
Comment by anna Thu Sep 13 19:24:16 2012

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