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Nectarine leaf changing colorThe regular reader may have noticed several changes to our site over the last few weeks.  First, my sweet brother helped me turn our archives into a much more usable format.  You can now browse through past entries by year and month.  So, if you get busy and miss a week of our blog, it's easy to check back in and catch up in one gulp.  Alternatively, why not read back over last year's posts to see how much our farm has changed in the last twelve months?

Meanwhile, I put some extra ads at the top of the page.  I appreciate no one whining and complaining --- I hope the ads don't impinge too much on your experience.  Including some advertising on the blog helps fund our adventure so that we can put in lots of time experimenting and relaying our experiences to you rather than getting a real job.   If you haven't lately, please go window shopping on some of our advertising sponsors' sites.  (Alternatively, if you're morally opposed to advertising, feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed and read our posts in your own, ad-free reader.)

Last stop on Walden Effect --- I've revamped our tag system.  Now you can read all of our posts about permaculture in one place.  Ditto for posts about our golf cart.

Finally, I've started blogging part-time over on our microbusiness ebook site.  If you're interested in learning tidbits about starting a home-based business to fund your own homestead adventure, I hope you'll subscribe to our home-based business blog.  I'll probably be posting over there two or three times a week.

Okay, now I'll return you to your regularly scheduled discussion of leaves, leaves, leaves!

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