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Sika Fence Post Mix?

Fence Post Mix Sika field testing.

We are weighing the advantages of expanding foam compared to concrete.

Do you have any experience replacing concrete with Sika Fence Post Mix?

The price seems a little over twice what concrete would cost.

The bag says a 33 ounce bag can equal two 50 pound bags of concrete mix.

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I've read not great reviews on it. We ended up sticking with concrete.
Comment by Anonymous Sat May 12 07:44:46 2018

While I am not familiar with with this particular product, I have worked with 2-component polyurethanes for 20+ years.

First thing: wear gloves and safety glasses! The components can sensitize your skin and cause eye damage. Curing polyurethane is very sticky and can get very hot.

Don't wear your good clothes. The only way to get hardened polyurethane out of your clothes is with a pair of scissors. :-)

Once you've mixed it, the material will start foaming. So don't wait with opening the bag.

Don't use polyurethane in post holes with standing water. Water will make it foam much more.

Also, don't pour the mix in enclosed spaces like inside a wall cavity. If contained, the foaming pressure can literally press your wall apart.

If you dig a nice irregular hole, this stuff should have no trouble fixing the post.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sat May 12 08:25:08 2018
On unlevel ground I believe the cement will have the advantage,if the post is in a dip, the weight of the cement plus the post will resist pulling the post out of the ground. With steel posts, I had to resort to tying cement blocks to the posts.
Comment by wewally Sun May 13 08:33:26 2018

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