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Signal strength

New antenna monting.

I installed an amplified outdoor HDTV antenna recently and it was easy to set up.

It has a motor rotor that allows you to turn the antenna from a remote control. The extra mounting bracket and pole are designed to be installed on the side of a building.

The amplifier box has two outputs so you can hook up an FM radio.

It gives a strong signal. I haven't tried TV over the air since back before the days of digital and was surprised to find out the local PBS station has 3 channels.

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Would you be able to update us after a month of use? We have been through a few indoor ones and their not very good. We're looking to upgrade.

Thank for all your informative posts.

Comment by Donna Stroud Thu Feb 1 11:36:48 2018
Yes...I'll update in a few weeks. I did try a nice looking indoor unit and it only worked for the strong local PBS stations as long as there were not too many clouds. The new antenna once it is pointed in the right direction pulls in a surprising amount of stations but not much worth watching.
Comment by mark Fri Feb 2 07:21:10 2018

Hi Anna,

I discontinued paid cable for the same reason. I wonder if the usenet news feed is still around. It would make putting up an antenna of some interest. I seem to recall it was a subchannel on FM or TV at some point in the past? I wonder if RF networking with our nearby friends will take off sometime like the world wide web did? After all that is how the 'web' began!!

warm regards to you both.

Maybe growing nutrient dense things will once again get talked about?

Have you read the Jarvis-Folk Medicine book. If you have not, you should :).


Comment by John Fri Feb 2 08:53:07 2018

"a surprising amount of stations but not much worth watching."

Modern television in a nutshell. :-)

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Feb 2 16:57:31 2018
I'm sticking with my big old fashion fringe antenna on a tower. My antenna doesn't care if the signal is analog or digital and can receive signals from Erie, Akron, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Bottom line, big antenna's on a tower with a roter equal good signals.
Comment by Zimmy Sat Feb 3 07:08:58 2018

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