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sign of the times

Back in the early 2000's a person could dump their trash around here during normal working hours, and if they were so inclined take home a discarded lawn mower, give it a little TLC, and feel good about recycling the old fashioned way.

It's different now. Scavenging is not only discouraged, but it's treated as criminal behavior. I'm not sure what the fine or jail time might be, but each station now has an attendant to keep an eye out for scavengers.

I'm guessing the cost of those attendants is what forced the reduced hours of operation. A major drag when you drive all the way there and realize they closed at noon, which is the main reason I took this picture. It helps that our new helper has a permit to use multiple county locations, but still requires some basic knowledge of these odd times.

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Interesting.... Scrap metal prices are high now days, maybe they are making some cash recycling steel, copper, etc and don't want someone else carting off the profits? I agree it is lame!
Comment by Phil Sat Sep 1 21:54:41 2012
Phil --- Yep, I think that's probably their reasoning. It's a bit sad, though --- couldn't they just say "no hauling scrap metal away" and let folks trade windows and sofas?
Comment by anna Sun Sep 2 07:32:05 2012

I remember as a child excited to go to the dump with my Dad ~ here in Oregon it was a long drive into a valley, thru the forest, so was always very picturesque and then at the dump, they actually pulled aside stuff that could be reused and gave away free ~ it was this pile that I loved to peruse for my forts and my Dad would find treasures to revamp and use. Then in later years, this pile was not free anymore, they would resell this pile now ~ then the dump closed down when the new , closer in town , warehouse dump station was built. I understand now that was good for our Mother Earth, but the new dump station has attendees that monitor that you don't pick out any of the trash that was left before you. They don't keep anything themselves, they say its for your safety. :( I saw an awesome rabbit hutch that was still intact ... could've been a great addition to my homestead. :(

Comment by Ani Tue Sep 11 12:50:30 2012
Ani --- That's especially sad since a rabbit hutch probably wouldn't bring any scrap metal income....
Comment by anna Tue Sep 11 18:20:29 2012

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