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Science-fair tummy


I've decided to treat my funky tummy as a science-fair project. Here's the summary so far, with technical terms purposefully left out.

Hypothesis 1: Bad bugs took over my gut.

  • Experimental protocol: A week of heavy-duty antibiotics followed by a bug-friendly diet heavy in probiotics and bland carbs (brown rice, steamed vegetables, bananas) combined with daily fiber pills.
  • Results: After a bit of initial improvement, tummy still funky.
  • Conclusion: Bugs are not the issue or are not the only issue.
  • Note for further study: When I'm off farm and don't take along a fiber pill, I seem to have my best days.

Hypothesis 2: Inflamed gut never gets a chance to heal because I keep stuffing irritating, high-fiber food down my gullet.

  • Experimental protocol: Low-fiber diet of foods that haven't inflamed my gut in the past (hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, bananas, low-fat hotdogs, chicken breast, tuna) in small meals for breakfast through mid afternoon, then juiced fruits and vegetables for supper to give my gut an extended relaxation period. Imodium as needed to slow things down.
  • Results: I'm only two days in, but early signs are very positive.

By the way, I continue to appreciate everyone's kind words and good energy! Hopefully I'll be back to having fun homesteading information to report in the near future.

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Glad you are listening to what you body is saying and it is finally telling you something to go on!! Hope the good trend continues - slow and easy!! XOXO
Comment by Jayne Fri Sep 23 07:56:44 2016
I think I would try to find an alternative to Imodium. In my case it caused as many problems as solutions.
Comment by Peter Fri Sep 23 09:18:38 2016

Hi Anna, I'm so sorry you're stomach is giving you such issues. I'm a celiac so I know those feelings well. Have you ever tried activated charcoal or bentonite clay? Healing your gut, in my experience, takes such a long time. Sending healing energy your way.


Comment by Susan Fri Sep 23 10:35:36 2016

I don't have first hand knowledge but have read a lot of good things about healing the gut with bone broth. Might be worth a try.

Hope you feel better soon.

Comment by Ned Fri Sep 23 11:20:05 2016
My son has colitis and when he has a flare up he needs to reduce his fiber intake and limit raw vegetables and fruit. Hope that helps.
Comment by Anonymous Sat Sep 24 11:51:31 2016
I use Immodium myself. Sometimes you just need something so you can get out of the bathroom :) Nannie
Comment by Nancy Sat Sep 24 14:21:57 2016

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