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Save on our Modern Simplicity bundle

Modern SimplicityIf you've been lurking for a while and wishing you could afford to buy more of my ebooks, now's your chance to make that wish a reality.  I've bundled all five books in the best-selling Modern Simplicity series together and reduced the price by 36%!  If you haven't bought any books in the series, that's obviously a good deal, but it should save you something even if you've already bought one or possibly even two of the ebooks previously.

The bundle is an experiment, and I'm not 100% committed to keeping it around.  I'll wait about a month and see whether it helps my books reach more people and fills our coffers faster, then will decide whether to unpublish the ebook.  Which is all a long way of saying --- if the bundle looks interesting, download now, because it might not be around forever.

On the other hand, I'll have Trailersteading on sale at its old price of 99 cents next week, so be sure to factor that into your calculations.  I generally only share information about when to catch books free or on sale with people on our email list (and sometimes with facebook friends, if I remember) since I don't want to bore my blog readers with too much marketing.  So if you want to be sure to catch all of the free and sale days, now's your chance to subscribe to my book email list using the sidebar at

Thanks for reading!  And stay tuned --- Bug Theory for Gardeners is coming down the pike in a couple of weeks and I've got some other interesting ebooks up my sleeve after that.  Finally, thanks a million for all of your help skyrocketing Watermelon Summer into the top 100 in its category, where it's stayed ever since that free period!  Your kind reviews and shares made a huge difference, and I'm very grateful.

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Hi Anna and Mark,

How about a package for the 'rest' of us....

I send you USGov check. You send me CD with real pdfs on it.

I refuse to do business with the Google Giggle, Pay Pal Pirates, Amazon Snakes, etc. I don't want to be tracked, etc. and receive anymore of the regular obnoxious fone calls I receive most EVERY day. One was waiting for me on the company answering machine when I got here today.

But i WOULD like to help you both!

I am NOT proposing to send you cash, only US Dollars :).

I 'should' probably stop writing now...!

I think it was Winston Churchill who once said: " People occasionally stumble onto the truth, but most move on as if nothing unusual had happened."

Comment by John Tue Jan 21 09:49:38 2014
John --- I appreciate your concerns, but I'm not allowed to sell my ebooks anywhere else if I want to take advantage of Amazon's marketing opportunities, like free days. So far, it's been worth giving them a monopoly. But I'll be glad to email you a free copy of any ebook you'd like as a pdf (although I haven't made this bundle into a pdf).
Comment by anna Tue Jan 21 13:14:17 2014

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime