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Saturday with the chickens

Cuckoo Marans

I hear that normal Americans don't spend their Saturdays stalking chickens in the paw paw patch...

Egg yolks

...reading the future in egg yolks...

Light Sussex pullet

...and letting their chickens peck out the pan.

But who wants to be normal?

Our chicken waterer keeps the flock healthy, which keeps me happy.

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I think that might be the loveliest thing to do on a pretty morning!
Comment by carmen Sun Oct 30 10:49:44 2011
I totally agree. Makes it hard to explain your hobbies to people, though. "I like to stalk chickens..."
Comment by anna Sun Oct 30 13:11:19 2011
I certainly don't. Normal is overrated. I think I'm getting farther and farther from it since I moved to the farm. Some of my friends have started to glaze over when they hear the start of a farm story. How can they not get excited by these simple, wonderful things???
Comment by JeffJustJeff Sun Oct 30 23:48:47 2011
I know exactly what you mean. The longer we live out here, the weirder we get, and the harder it is to find people who are just as weird as we are....
Comment by anna Mon Oct 31 09:00:42 2011
I don't think the words "hobby" and "stalking" are meant to go together in one phrase! If they do it's creepy. :-P
Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Oct 31 13:21:39 2011
Oh, so that's why people look at me funny.... :-)
Comment by anna Mon Oct 31 19:07:01 2011

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