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Santa comes to the farm

Agricola, the board gameMy big brother arrived on Sunday bearing gifts!  He looked just like Santa, walking up the trail with his sack of goodies over his back...except for the way his legs were bare from where he'd stripped down to his underwear to wade through the creek.

Mom and Maggie sent delicious pies and treats and Joey brought a real, live Dutch oven!!!  Then he pulled out yet another package --- Agricola, a great homesteading board game.  The board looks just like the dream farm I drew six years ago, where I allowed myself to pencil in another square of orchard or pasture or creek every time I saved up a thousand bucks for an acre.  We played Agricola twice, then heated up supper in the Dutch oven --- what a luxury!

As a certified non-Christmas-gifter, I feel a bit hypocritical enthusing about my gifts, but they sure made me happy.  Thank you, everybody, for the Christmas treats!

And thank you to everyone who has bought one of Mark's automatic chicken waterers this year!

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comment 1
WOW, I just checked out Agricola on Amazon and that game is almost $70 !!!! Maybe you can bring yours over for game night one of these days. :-D
Comment by Everett Mon Dec 28 17:50:56 2009
comment 2
Whoa! I had no clue! I'll have to thank my brother a little better. :-) I'll look forward to playing it with you next time we're in the same state. Do you like gaming?
Comment by anna Mon Dec 28 19:14:26 2009
comment 3


I'm not a big gamer, but I like board games and am a recovering Sid Myer's Civilization Addict. This one sounds like fun though!

Comment by Everett Sat Jan 2 18:39:19 2010
comment 4
I like short board games that don't last more than an hour. The long ones are just too much! This one's got a lot of strategy packed into a small space.
Comment by anna Sat Jan 2 20:16:41 2010

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