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Rural trash pickup

Trash day

Rural Athens County is a bit of an odd duck in the garbage department, at least compared to other areas I've lived in. We're outside the municipal pickup region, but apparently there are no county-operated dumping stations that accept private trash. Instead, we have to choose from a slew of privately run enterprises that pick up garbage at your door.

I figured if we were going to have to pay for trash disposal, we might as well go all the way and choose the service that offers recycling. I'm tempted to go into a long analysis of whether or not the Libertarians are right about this kind of setup making the most sense...but, honestly, I haven't entirely decided yet. Perhaps I'll make another post about it in a few months. Or, given my recent penchant to eschew public politics, perhaps not.

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Growing up Tallmadge, OH, there was no municipal pickup, and residents would individually contract with refuse haulers. Back in the 70s, there was always some new hungry upstart that bought a stake truck and would charge significantly less to get new customers. Eventually they would purchase a compactor truck and raise prices...making room for a new upstart.

The biggest problem was the haulers didn't coordinate days, so neighbors in our subdivision had trash out nearly every day of the week. Eventually the city required them to coordinate days. I don't know if it has changed to single service now. I doubt it, as I think my parents have changed between having recycling pickup, and saving it up and dropping it off somewhere.

Comment by Jim Wed Oct 18 07:58:06 2017

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