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Rotational chicken pasture

Fenced chickens

We put our main flock back on pasture today. Even though they have the whole woods to roam through in winter and early spring, the grass truly is greener on the pasture side of the fence.

Chickens outdoorsWhy? Good management. We kept poultry out of these areas while the plants were just starting to break dormancy, so grass and clover had time to get their feet under them before being pecked to death.

To maintain that healthy state, we'll rotate our flock into a new pasture in a week and continue through all four pastures before returning to this first location after nearly a month of rest. With the exception of extreme summer droughts, that should keep the flock happy and healthy all year.

Want the long version of this short explanation? My book Pasture Basics walks you through setting up rotational pasture systems for your flock that will keep your grass green and your chickens happy. Good luck!

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Do you have any capacity to print your books, however rudimentarily? I like my books in hard copy and would gladly pay more than the e-book price for the privilege. Thanks!
Comment by Julie Mason Sat Apr 9 07:48:35 2016
Julie --- Thanks for your interest! I'm slowly making the books available in print. Unfortunately, the chicken books haven't made the cut yet. The trouble is, it takes a long time to hunt down and lay out all the high-resolution images to make them printworthy and I usually would prefer writing to "busy work." Plus, I feel the need to polish books to within an inch of their life before putting them in print since I won't be able to make changes very easily after that. The result is that it takes me several weeks of concerted effort to create a print version. I figure within the next few years I'll get there though, even if I have to hire the work out! I appreciate your nudge in the right direction. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Apr 9 09:54:55 2016

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