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  roof ruminations

Note to any future homesteading men out there. If you find a woman that will do your roofing without too much complaining then you've found a mate. Treat her well and don't work her too hard.

This post is part of our Building a Storage Building from Scratch series.  Read all of the entries:

Part 1: Foundation
Part 2: Floor
Part 3: Walls and scavenging lumber
Part 4: Adding the loft
Part 5: The roof
Summing it up:

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I've been looking for a while, but haven't found one yet.... Y'all are pretty darned lucky to have found each other!


Comment by Shannon Wed Jan 27 16:34:27 2010

And here I thought my father was making Mark jump through hoops when he threw us up on the roof the first time I introduced Mark to him. Daddy must have been showing me off to hook Mark's interest. :-)

Your roofing gal is out there, Shannon! Just wait... :-)

Comment by anna Wed Jan 27 18:06:23 2010
Power tools, garden tools, even a paintbrush or two...gals with these will always be hot in my book...Wink, Wink to my Beloved Tori
Comment by moontree ranch Wed Jan 27 19:27:26 2010
Probably pretty equivalent to how we women feel about our handy menfolk. :-)
Comment by anna Wed Jan 27 20:29:22 2010
Lol... "treat her well and don't work her too hard." Sounds like he's talking about a horse! :-P
Comment by Everett Thu Jan 28 11:53:31 2010
Mark says, "I was thinking more along the lines of a mule..." (At which point he quickly started backpedalling. :-)
Comment by anna Thu Jan 28 13:28:03 2010

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