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Roll out nest tray question

Roll out nest tray questions.

What about the design should change to prevent hens getting to the eggs?

Thanks for the question Kaat.

It might be possible to glue an extension to the tray to keep eggs out of reach?

We go back and forth about deleting the two or more hens who are eating eggs.

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I've read on another blog that keeps many chickens that they put a wooden egg in the nests and it deters hens from pecking. It also kills snakes that steal eggs. Don't know if you've tried this or heard of it. Thought it was interesting and remembered my grandpa, a woodworker, used to sell many wooden eggs.
Comment by Torina Tue Jun 20 16:52:58 2017
I have 6 Australorps in a chicken tractor with just a straw nesting box. I haven't had egg eating with my hens unless I accidentally break an egg, then they go for it. However, those experiences haven't conditioned them to eat the eggs so far. What if the fancy egg chute is actually causing the aberrant behavior? When they lay it, they can't investigate it?
Comment by fwh Tue Jun 20 18:19:01 2017
I like the wooden egg idea! Along the idea that you are using, however, how about a longer shute for the eggs to roll down?
Comment by Merryann Wed Jun 21 01:19:43 2017
Maybe you could try putting something over the clear cover so there is no light on the eggs? This may make it so they can't even see that an egg is in there.
Comment by Brian Wed Jun 21 09:53:36 2017

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