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Road food

PicnickingWhat do you do for food on the road?  We used to pack sandwiches a lot, but have been reducing our grain intake drastically lately, which leaves me in a bit of a bind.  Instead, we've ended up visiting restaurants with lots of vegetables on the menu, but we've become such snobs that anyone's vegetables except our own leave us feeling a bit empty (and I hate to pay for restaurant food very often.)

On the way back from visiting Mark's folks in Ohio this past weekend, Mark's step-mom hooked us up with this fancy container that makes picnicking with real food much easier.  You fill the container up with hot water and let the warmth soak in for a few minutes, then dry the container out and put in your hot food.  Three hours later when we finished exploring an Indian mound, the vittles were still toasty and ready for our picnic.

What are your favorite traveling recipes and methods?

Our chicken waterer makes leaving the farm for four days worry-free, even in the dead of winter.

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Glad it worked semi- well for you! Again - a wonderful visit - thanks!

Comment by Jayne Mon Feb 14 11:13:49 2011
Thanks so much for the container (and the wonderful visit!) :-)
Comment by anna Mon Feb 14 12:11:16 2011

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