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Radical Homemakers: Book club read #3

Radical homemakersAfter dipping into the first few pages of Radical Homemakers, I can tell that the exact reason I had originally avoided this book is the same reason I'll get a lot out of reading it.  The term "homemaker" brings up all kinds of negative images for me, not least of which is the dependent housewife devoting her life to making her more important spouse happy.  But Shannon Hayes' book begs the question --- isn't a homesteader just a rebranded homemaker, and can't you make a home without turning in your feminist credentials?

As part of our book club, we'll be discussing the preface, introduction, and chapters one and two on Wednesday, August 29.  Since we've been out of town, I haven't read ahead, but the first few pages definitely sucked me in, so you needn't be concerned this is another Walden.  I'll look forward to hearing what you think next week!

If you'd rather read how-to than why-to, check out my paperback, due out in the next few weeks.

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Wow! I love this book. Thanks for adding it the bookclub. I never would have picked it myself for the same reasons you mentioned at the beginning of your post. I can tell this book is going to open my mind.
Comment by Paula B. Wed Aug 22 13:59:07 2012
Paula B. --- Glad to have you on board (and to hear I'm not the only one who nearly got scared off by the title. :-) )
Comment by anna Wed Aug 22 16:13:47 2012
Just got my copy from Amazon! So far its good!
Comment by Irma Wed Aug 22 16:36:21 2012

Every lifestyle has its struggles, it seems.

Just goes to show that you can overdo any lifestyle, I guess.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Aug 22 17:53:18 2012

Irma --- Welcome to the club!

Roland --- That's not such a bad meltdown as farm overwhelmedness goes.... :-) Thanks for pointing us to her blog --- it looks very interesting.

Comment by anna Wed Aug 22 19:06:54 2012
I'm interested to see how this book is.
Comment by Bra Thu Aug 23 08:27:15 2012
Brandy --- I suspect it might be right up your alley. Hopefully you'll read along and let us know!
Comment by anna Thu Aug 23 13:06:03 2012
Holy cow I am 3/4 thru this already!!
Comment by Irma Sat Aug 25 00:07:13 2012
Irma --- It is fascinating, isn't it? I was chugging it down yesterday afternoon. :-)
Comment by anna Sat Aug 25 10:25:16 2012

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