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Question Everything

Lucy Pringle photoIf you have ever wanted to know more about the mechanics of the mind and how consciousness works then you might find a new website I discovered a few months ago of great value.

It's a husband and wife team that have struck out on their own with what they call the Conscious Media Network. They interview authors of books in the growing field of consciousness and awareness and varying degrees of finding the truth. They have hours and hours of interviews going back to 2005 and it's all free at this time. You need to become a member to view the interviews the same month they come out, but the archives are generously offered as a gift to the public. I've heard enough really good free interviews that I'll probably get around to sending them a donation as a show of gratitude for a job well done.

Each interview is like a juicy sample snack of what new and or old concept the author is exploring in their book or documentary. It's a great way to taste a book and its essence before dedicating your valuable time and resources to actually obtaining the book and finding the time to read it. I dare anyone out there to listen to the Bob Dean or Jim Marrs interviews of the most far out and fantastic material out there and try to dismiss what they're saying as "fantasy" or "crackpottery". If anything it's going to really make you think...Question Everything is the Conscious Media Networks motto and it's a simple way to sum up this kind of search for truth at its most fundamental level.

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comment 1
Thanks Mark! Have you ever checked out Spiritual Cinema Circle? They have a similar concept at but more than interviews and trailers, the also have feature-length films of inspiration. I can send you one of the DVDs I got from them if you want to check it out.
Comment by Everett Mon Aug 24 11:36:12 2009
comment 2
I think that's a little bit too mainstream for Mark --- he likes his spirituality on the kooky side. :-) Thanks for pointing it out, though!
Comment by anna Tue Aug 25 12:33:51 2009

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