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Problems with chicken pastures

Austrlorp flock.

Our new generation of Australorp layers is turning out to be a difficult flock.

We're debating on ways to scale it back for easier management.

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I'm kind of curious what your problems are with these. Other than going broody at the drop of a hat, I've always found them to be easy and reliable. Don't get me started on my current flock of Rhode Island Reds, though. Not only do they peck at at you, they hang on. :(
Comment by Julie Whitmore Sat Sep 10 13:47:04 2016
Oh boy! I've had troublesome flocks before and I bet you have too. Seems like once they get a bad idea going, the whole flock gets a whiff of it and all bets are off, like hopping fences or eating eggs. Hope you get it figured out.
Comment by Jennifer g Sat Sep 10 22:56:17 2016
Yes, what kinds of problems are you having? I love my Icelandics, but they are flighty, so you need a way to keep them out of the garden. They're excellent foragers, though, good at evading predators, and some are good broodies, too.
Comment by Jennifer Quinn Sun Sep 11 16:13:51 2016

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