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Power outage, day 1

Evening snow

As the eighth inch of snow hit the ground on Thursday evening, the electric line snapped and fell into the yard.  Out went our power.

Snow on barn

Dog in snowy woodsOur first step, in the dwindling evening light, was to assess our power stores.  Laptops were shut down, then Mark assembled all of our rechargeable batteries and lights.  Unlike our last major power outage, we now both have high quality solar flashlights, and Mark had several fully-charged drill batteries that go with a fluorescent light.  We even have candles from friends.  But we still hadn't gotten our solar panels hooked up, and we don't have candlesticks.

Snowy flood

For that first night, light was all we needed.  Wood stoves ensured we stayed warm, and the fridge and freezer would stand one night unopened.  More on phase two of our power outage adventure in another post.

Our heated chicken waterer went down with the rest of our electronics, but the weather stayed warm enough to keep the water thawed for our flock.

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These pictures are incredible. More?!
Comment by Maggie Sat Jan 19 09:00:45 2013
It is going to get cold for the start of next week. Depending on water flow, you may be able to walk on water to get out and get fuel.
Comment by Gerry Sat Jan 19 10:21:51 2013
The pictures are beautiful. You can probably improvise a candle holder with a canning jar. We were without power for 9 days after a hurricane and made candle holders with canning jars and sand to seat the candles. You can probably come up with something to hold the candles even if it's just melted wax on the bottom or maybe some dirt from your barn. Having something to read and enough light to read by is a must during any emergency. Good luck to you both.
Comment by Tammy Sat Jan 19 11:22:58 2013

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime