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Power hungry

introducing the new Polaris 700 ATV

I decided we needed a bigger ATV and the guy at the repair shop agreed.

We worked out a trade where I gave him the broken ATV and some money and he upgraded us to the Polaris 700 Sportsman.

After using the Polaris 400 Xplorer for the summer I started having second thoughts on the 2 cycle engine. It seemed to be more difficult to start and get warmed up than what I consider to be normal, and sometimes a guy just needs more power.

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"I decided"

LOVE IT!!!!!!


Comment by Edith Mon Aug 19 21:42:02 2013

When I compared the pictures my first thought was that Mark has been shrinking. :-)

That Sportsman sure makes the xplorer look like a dinky toy!

At least a four-stroke engine is cleaner than a typical two-stroke, and less suceptible to fouling.

Comment by Roland_Smith Tue Aug 20 13:17:10 2013
2 strokes are a PITA, I think you made a good decision. I use a large honda rancher around the homestead and it is a beast! You'll put that extra displacement to good use Iam sure!
Comment by Phil Tue Aug 20 14:50:25 2013
Maybe it's also time for a decent trailer.....
Comment by Chris Tue Aug 20 17:09:36 2013
Have you considered a Utility Vehicle (UTV) instead? They combine the benefits of the golf cart with those of an ATV. I started out with an ATV and trailer, but rarely use either now that we have a UTV. The bed on the UTV makes hauling much easier than strapping thing to the racks of an ATV. Its also convenient to be able to transport a passenger, plus the dogs love riding in the bed when its empty. New ones are expensive, but an older used John Deere Gator or Kawasaki Mule can be found relatively cheaply, and are made for working around a homestead or farm.
Comment by Jonathan Fri Aug 23 08:50:05 2013
I agree with Chris, now try a real trailer. Don't go real cheap either.
Comment by Mark Fri Aug 23 14:45:39 2013

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