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Pie theory

Meyer lemon pie

Anna made me a Meyer lemon pie today for my birthday. The tree had perfect timing ripening up its first fruit of the winter.

Her favorite pie is cranberry-raisin, and cranberries are in season right around her birthday.

It got me thinking. Maybe there's a universal pie theory?

Does your favorite fruit pie match up with what's ripe around your birthday?

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Clearly Mark, you have not thought this one through...

  1. All pies are fantastic.
  2. Trying to pick amongst apple or cherry or blueberry is like deciding which of you kids are your favorite.
  3. Repeat #1.
  4. Repeat #2.

Lets not overthink this one shall we?

Universal pie theory is properly stated as:

"Pie is good, may I please have a slice, maybe another, oohh I like that one, why are you ruining perfectly good pie with artificial whipping stuff, may I have another slice please."

Comment by MadCap Thu Jan 10 15:43:44 2013


Happy Birthday Mark

Comment by MadCap Thu Jan 10 16:02:36 2013

Birthday: early June Favourite pie: strawberry rhubarb

Comment by Chris Thu Jan 10 20:34:48 2013
unfortunatly my birthday is in January and I prefer apple. At least they are reasonably available still.
Comment by Irma Thu Jan 10 22:09:47 2013
I guess it depends on when you figure chocolate comes ripe. :)
Comment by bladerunner5 Thu Jan 10 23:05:34 2013
I'm a November baby and Pumpkin is my favorite pie, so the theory holds up well in my case.
Comment by Brandy Tue Mar 12 14:22:45 2013

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