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Straight ahead

Mark and I added up all of the places we've lived for long enough that they felt like home a few days ago. He came up with 22 and I came up with 11.


Which puts our current move into perspective. Sure, I've lived on this farm longer than anywhere else in my life (although it's only second on Mark's more extensive list).

Clinch River

But the river of life keeps flowing on by, and sometimes you have to jump in a kayak and let it carry you for a spell before you make a new camp.

Which is a long way of saying --- I'm both terrified and exhilerated by the idea of pulling up roots and finding a new place to call home. And if this one doesn't work out...well, then we'll just move on to my lucky 13 and to Mark's home number 24. The only true regrets in life are opportunities untested. Onward and upward!

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Your photos speak of lush green forests, shaded paths and meandering waters.

I hope you'll find somewhere equally beautiful.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Jul 16 08:12:58 2017
It's good that you have the perspective that life is always ever changing. It's a good thing for us all to remember. Beautiful pictures, by the way. It makes me wish I had taken my camera when we walked the trail a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for sharing so much with us :)
Comment by Kayla Sun Jul 16 12:06:23 2017
I'm sure there will be a bit of transplant shock but you will overcome and thrive
Comment by Charity Tue Jul 18 09:45:32 2017

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime