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Pecking order observations

adding an extra roost for the Golden Comet girls
Our new Rhode Island Red hens have been a good addition to the flock.

They seem to get along fine with the rooster, but the other hens have been giving them the cold shoulder.

Most of the time they're on the roost with everybody else, just scooted over to the far end with a gap between, but the other night I noticed they were huddling in the corner.

That's why I installed yet another roosting station on the other end of the coop. Maybe giving the original hens some space at night will help to improve our flock dynamics?

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I have found it frusterating combining 2 flocks of chickens. But then I remembered that you always take a doe rabbit to a bucks cage. What if you bring both flocks to a new pen. This might dissorientate the 2 flocks and help them to join together while they become familier with their new home.
Comment by mona Fri Dec 14 17:29:57 2012
Try adding new hens aftefr flock has gone to roost this has alwaws worked for me their is still some pecking to establish dominence but a lot less
Comment by James Sat Dec 15 12:48:09 2012

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