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New Year Photos

Bed spring shadowsInspired by Mike's 2008 summary photos, and by Mark's notion that we should take New Year's Day as a holiday, I set out Thursday afternoon with our camera in hand.  It's harder to find color in the winter, but the stark shapes and lines can make up for the lack of color.  First I got caught up in the shadows cast by the bed springs we'd dug out of the garden.  Spiralling circles --- I almost got lost right there.

But I really wanted to visit my favorite sycamore grove.  Down in the floodplain, several large sycamores grow in a ten foot in diameter ring.  They clearly mark the borders of Sycamorean ancient sycamore's root mass, and I can almost see the parent sycamore in my mind's eye.  I lay down between them and looked up, just in time to catch a photo of a sycamore turned human.

Holidays evade me sometimes.  Thanksgiving and the winter solstice I can wrap my mind around.  I'm so used to the family elements of Christmas that I follow through without giving it much thought.  But the other Maple wing sundialholidays that Mark named off when I dubiously asked him which ones he's used to celebrating --- New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day --- are blurs in my mind.  What do they mean?  How do you celebrate a holiday you don't understand?

I'm afraid I bickered with Mark before agreeing to take the day off.  Now I'm glad he perservered --- so I cooked him up a pound of bacon and a double recipe of the fluffiest white pancakes in my cookbook as an apology.  You're right, Mark!  No matter what the holiday means, it's worth it to spend time in the moment.

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comment 1
You know, I'm feeling sort of mad at you, too. ;-)
Comment by Brandy :: Where the Lilies Bloom Sat Jan 3 08:03:54 2009
comment 2
I guess I owe you a pound of bacon, huh? :-)
Comment by anna Sun Jan 4 11:23:24 2009

....and pancakes. Don't forget the pancakes;-) Thank you for the cookie treats. They got here a couple of days ago, but I've been pretty busy since. Yum!

Comment by Jay Thu Jan 8 04:15:51 2009
comment 4
I'm glad the cookies reached you! I hope they sweetened the end of your semester some. I hope you're not letting that one grade eat at you --- you're done!
Comment by anna Thu Jan 8 10:11:54 2009

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