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New Winter roost option

making a flat Winter roosting area for our chickens

We've been having a problem lately with our chickens roosting in the nest box.

I think they like to sit on something they can crouch down on to keep warm in the Winter months, which is why we installed the shelf above their nesting box.

We also blocked up some of the holes for a more closed in area.

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From the picture it looks like there is a lot of daylight shining through. Maybe this is intended, or maybe for the winter it could be tightened up for the hens. I just wrapped my chicken coop with black plastic to ward off some of the cold and winter winds.

Now you just to develop a Poop-free chicken shelf! :o)

Comment by M Fri Jan 3 17:11:08 2014

i use about 2 inch diameter tree branches for roosts chickens like something then can wrap their toes around at night installed higher than the nest boxes keeps them out of the nests at night

Comment by ron Fri Jan 3 19:23:18 2014
I installed a 2x2 on the side of the coop. They jump from the nest boxes onto the roost. I think they are just trying to keep their feet warm. Here's another thing I did. I went to the thrift store and got some old army wool blankets. I cover the coop with them and then covered that with a tarp. It isn't cute but we are in our yearly weather battle. This has helped for several years. This morning in southern New Jersey (close to Delaware) the tempature was 4. So happy 2014.
Comment by Donna Sat Jan 4 09:24:47 2014

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