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NcStar red and green laser

NcStar Red Green Laser kit

One way to improve shooting accuracy is with a targeting laser.

This one can be switched from red to green depending on lighting conditions.

Stay tuned for a full report once we get it installed and run it around the block.

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When you do your full report on the laser, If you would please. I would like to know where you bought it, and how much did you pay.
Comment by zimmy Fri Jul 16 10:06:38 2010
Actually, I can tell you that already. Don't laugh too hard --- he bought it from a store called Perfume N Things (, I think). It was $76.99 --- pricey, but apparently the best deal Mark could find on the kind he thought was the best from his web searches.
Comment by anna Fri Jul 16 10:32:19 2010
How are you going to align it properly? :-)
Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Jul 16 12:24:40 2010
Mark's going to take it over to his friend's house this weekend and let him do it for us. Mark's buddy is a pro, so I'm sure he'll align it much better than we could.
Comment by anna Fri Jul 16 12:54:32 2010

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