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Natural Tunnel birthday

Natural tunnel

Let's all wish Joey a happy birthday today!  You may not have the same fond memories I do of walking on the train tracks on the way home from school, a book under your nose and your big brother on the rail in front of you.  But we all owe Joey a huge thank you for making the technical side of this blog possible.  Most recently, he coded a plugin to allow you to sign up for email notifications of responses to your comments --- have you noticed?

Spring wildflowers

Grasses on a cliffWe celebrated Joey's birthday a couple of days early with a picnic at Natural Tunnel State Park.  The wildflowers are currently in full bloom on the trail above the tunnel, and if you live in the area, this is a walk not to be missed.

Pigeons in the wild

Three turkey vultures treated us to a shadow light show that's impossible to describe, but was breath-taking in person.  I also spent far too long peering through the zoom lens of my camera (since I forgot my binoculars) to figure out what those strange birds were roosting on the cliffs.  Yup, those are aptly named Rock Doves...aka the kind of pigeons you see in city parks.  Boy was I embarassed when I realized I hadn't recognized pigeons (but intrigued to see them in a semi-natural habitat).


Weekend HomesteaderJoey went on to embrace his Hobbit side while we zipped on down the road to pick up chicken feed.  More photos of cute livestock soon!

Don't forget to preorder your copy of Weekend Homesteader for tips on fitting a self-sufficient life into your busy schedule.

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I have Natural Tunnel on our list of things to potentially do while out there on our upcoming trip! Now looking forward to it even more. The email notification option is a great idea - less cumbersome than the RSS feed.

Happy birthday!

~ Mitsy

Comment by mountainstead [] Wed Apr 11 11:14:38 2012
Wish I was there. Sounds like good times!
Comment by Maggie Wed Apr 11 14:41:49 2012
Happy birthday to Joey! The three of you make a great team.
Comment by Lisa Wed Apr 11 15:34:09 2012

Mitsy --- I definitely recommend you go by and check it out, especially if you get there before the flowers fade in the next couple of weeks. If you go in the summer, though, you can ride the chairlift, so I guess that's got its perks too. :-)

Maggie --- We missed you, but my hearty lunch only barely fed three, so I guess it's good you weren't there. (I guess I could have cooked two legs of lamb. :-) )

Lisa --- Thanks! I agree!

Comment by anna Wed Apr 11 16:04:48 2012
I don't eat meat anymore at all, so that wouldn't have been a big deal.
Comment by Maggie Wed Apr 11 16:07:11 2012
Maggie --- I guess we won't be feeding you lamb, then.
Comment by anna Wed Apr 11 17:50:13 2012

I was so relieved when up on following the link I did NOT see a photo essay on Joey brushing his long soft toe hair.

I'm glad you all did something spectacular for his birthday. ] j [

PS - Kai is reading The Hobbit now!

Comment by Jeremiah Thu Apr 12 22:10:00 2012
Jeremiah --- I think Kai's enjoying the Hobbit younger than any of us did. I could tell he was a prime reader!
Comment by anna Fri Apr 13 11:07:51 2012

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