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My new cover model (and other book news)

Hunting PenniesI accumulated so much book news that I have to take a break from my usual garden geekery and goat obsession to share. I hope you don't mind this commercial break....

The first piece of book news is a freebie today only, so I hope you'll consider snapping it up! My father has been writing poetry for roughly half a century, and I've spent a lot of the winter and now part of the spring sorting huge boxes of his poems. The result was five themes that threaded through his works, and Hunting Pennies showcases the first of those themes --- growing up poor in Appalachia in the 40s and 50s.

I generally figure that Appalachia is at least a decade behind the rest of the nation culturally, and Daddy's poems definitely showcase things most of us probably don't remember, like an era when housewives saved their rags to sell to the ragman and when boys ran nearly wild in the hills and rivers. I could write a lot more, but the book is free, so I'll only add --- I don't even like poetry and I thoroughly enjoyed this book, so give it a try!

TrailersteadingIn other news, the paper version of Trailersteading is up for preorder on Amazon...and, look, Artemesia made the front cover!

Look inside trailersteading
The interior is also looking good, and I'm very excited to get my hands on a copy of my third print book. Trailersteading isn't due to ship until the winter, but Amazon gives a preorder price guarantee. So if the book goes on sale anytime between now and when it ships, you'll get the lowest price available. I hope you'll consider taking a chance on a book that has inspired hundreds of homesteaders in ebook form already!

Finally, I have to close by begging for a few reviews. Most of all, I hope you'll consider leaving a review of my father's poetry book if you take a look and like what you read. Those early reviews make or break a book, and since poetry is already a very hard sell, I figure Hunting Pennies needs all of the momentum it can get.

Second, I've been a grumpy guss all week because my efforts to reach a wider audience by setting Farmstead Feast: Winter free last week backfired badly. Sure, I reached tens of thousands of new readers, but many seemed offended by the very idea of homesteading Bad review(and of eating meat), with the result that I received a flurry of negative reviews. So if you read and enjoyed the cookbook but didn't think it was worth taking the time to leave a review on Amazon, you'll improve my mood markedly if you take a minute to rate the book. Plus, Mark would like to thank you in advance for improving his standard of living since he's always the one in charge of talking me down off the the-world-hates-me ledge....

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I looked at the reviews you got and found 38 reviews altogether, 19 five star reviews, 11 four star reviews, 2 two star reviews and 1 one star review, which means altogether you got 4-1/2 stars. So don't feel badly. You did good!

BTW, I loved your father's book of short stories. I left a review and those stories remind me of Sharyn McCrumb's work. She's well known in this area for her novels based on incidents in this area as well.

Comment by NaYan Sat Apr 25 13:24:53 2015
Just wanted to drop in and mention that I am constantly encouraged by your blog! I visit 5-6 times a week, ever since I first discovered your blog in college in 2011 (goggling "road kill" related articles) ;) I love your passion, great writing style, idealistic philosophy and the constant education you provide. My wife and I are applying the many principles we have gleaned from you and Mark, in our context. We are starting a small business called "The CityFarm Project" which will work with families to implement many of the ideas we have learned from your writing through Health Coaching and Urban Farm Contracting. I hope your day gets brighter. Greet Abigail for us. :)
Comment by Justus Sat Apr 25 16:28:06 2015
If it wasn't for blogs like yours, I would think I am the only one who wants to live this way. We are in the minority, but we are not alone. Don't take a few negative comments to heart, there are those who will never understand what we do.
Comment by W. Sun Apr 26 11:01:58 2015

Na Yan --- I suspect you're looking at someone else's books. I wouldn't be grumpy at just two 2-star reviews and one 1-star review! But I'm glad you enjoyed Daddy's previous book. He and I both read Sharyn McCrumb years ago, and it's quite possible she impacted his writing in the process. A good author to be compared to!

Justus and W. --- Thank you so much! Your words mean a lot, cheer me up, and remind me that readers like you are why I write. I never pretended to be part of the mainstream, so I shouldn't be surprised when people who aren't members of my tribe squint and look at me with confusion. :-)

Comment by anna Sun Apr 26 13:48:19 2015

I'd leave a second review on the winter one if they'd let me!

But that reminds me, I need to leave a very positive review on the spring volume yet. Sorry for the delay!

Comment by Jake Tue Apr 28 01:27:49 2015
Jake --- Your reviews are always so thoughtful and appreciated! Reading them always makes my day (and they tend to get voted to the top). So thank you so much for the sentiment, and in advance for your Spring review. (No hurry!)
Comment by anna Tue Apr 28 07:15:59 2015

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