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My first wall

The wall I framed.
Measuring the wallThis is my new wall --- I'm so proud of making it (nearly) all by myself.  That said, I should have measured a little better to make it "square" (a perfect rectangle) so that we didn't have to take it back apart to get the window to fit....

Next time, I'm not going to assume that the diagonals being off by a quarter of an inch is okay.  Unsurprisingly, Mark decided he would be in charge of putting in the door, which is the next step.

This post is part of our Building a Storage Building from Scratch series.  Read all of the entries:

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Part 3: Walls and scavenging lumber
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Summing it up:

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ALARM. Your load bearing wall needs strengthening. It is customary to have two top plates. Over the window, you need a header--that is at least a double 2X6 on edge, or the weight of the roof will push down on the window, busting it perhaps or at least sagging the roof.

(The load bearing wall is the one your rafters will sit on.)

Comment by Errol Thu Jan 7 08:50:11 2010

Drat! My pretty wall! :-)

Can I just add two 2X6s on edge on top of the wall before adding the rafters on?

Comment by anna Thu Jan 7 09:01:14 2010

Can't do that unless you want to adjust the side walls, and extend the 2x6s the full length of the building. Fixing it is fairly easy: 1. Remove window 2. Cut cripples underneath window opening to lower the window the amount you are adding above it 3. Cut plywood off and replace sill plate 4. Add header plates above window opening 5. fasten plywood sheeting you cut off bottom above window opening 6. replace window

This should only take a couple of hours. Remember to put header plates above the door opening and any other window openings on your load bearing walls/ Are there some on opposide side of building where rafters will rest?

Comment by Errol Thu Jan 7 09:34:41 2010

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