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Mushroom log soaking pool collapse

 mushroom soaking pool

Just flipping your mushroom log soaking pool over is not enough to winterize it. This one was crushed by the weight of falling snow during the blizzard of 2009. Next year we'll hang it up somewhere in the barn.

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I had one of those for my dogs for a while... UV is hard on them too... After it started cracking like crazy, it became the lettuce garden.
Comment by Shannon Mon Feb 22 01:09:33 2010
Yeah, I suspect we'll come up with a more permanent solution in a year or two. But at five or ten bucks, I figure it was a pretty good buy. It lasted two years since the last time I did remember to put it in the barn. :-)
Comment by anna Mon Feb 22 08:08:12 2010
Chuck it into the creek? Fasten it with a steel cable, or nail it to the bottom with a couple of pegs.
Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Feb 22 13:08:48 2010

That's what some friends of ours do, and the high oxygen water is actually better for the mushrooms in the summer than pond water. But the creek is just too far away from our house to be useful --- I've discovered that any food item (garden, mushroom patch, etc.) that isn't within a one minute walk of the front door doesn't get tended the way it should.

Actually, our current mushroom patch is a bit too far from the trailer --- that two minute walk meant that some of our mushrooms got overmature last year before I noticed them. (Mushrooms are best picked within a 12 hour period. After that,they're edible, but not as tasty.) So we're moving the whole operation down to the shady spot behind the trailer for this year.

Comment by anna Mon Feb 22 13:31:23 2010

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