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Mushroom log misting system

IBC mushroom tower

We collected enough water in the IBC rain barrel to soak the mushroom logs.

I thought we could set up a misting system on a timer, but I think our water pressure might be a problem.

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Don't know how you will come up with power but a windshield washer pump would provide enough spray pressure to mist the logs, plus its easy to find used at a junkyard and you could get spray nozzles at the same time.
Comment by wewally Tue Apr 14 20:12:17 2015
Would it work if you used the chainsaw to cut a notch out of log over most of its length? That would form a kind of trough that you could fill with water.
Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Apr 15 06:05:29 2015

So far I used this kind orifice from a gas oven to cool myself in the garden during hot summers. It creates a mist. literraly mist. I just wonder if a preasure from the IBC would be high enough.

Comment by Rafał Wed Apr 15 06:14:30 2015

I like the windshield wiper sprayer idea mentioned by Wewally, but if you want a non-mechanical option I wonder if just a drip system would work?

Maybe you could connect pvc pipe in a grid and drill small holes at regular intervals, then hook that up to your tank with a ball valve in between so you can easily turn the drip on and off. It would be similar to DIY drip irrigation many people use in their gardens, and I don't think those need especially high pressure.

Comment by Rae Wed Apr 15 09:14:50 2015
I had to use a water pressure regulator at the RV park I'm at. It hooks to the spigot and then you hook the hose to it. It keeps the water at some reasonable PSI. Maybe you could use that?
Comment by Searching Fulltime Thu Apr 16 16:39:22 2015

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