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Mid-June in the vegetable garden

Wilting broccoli

Developing green bean

What's going on the vegetable garden at the moment?  In addition to
enjoying the first cucumbers and anticipating the first summer squash and tomatoes, I'm keeping my eye on the bush beans and am freezing more broccoli.  I'm also weeding as fast as I can, and planting the second-to-last set of beans, sweet corn, summer squash, and cucumbers.  Oh, and serving us masses of sugar-snap peas, Swiss chard, black raspberries, strawberries, and gooseberries.

Mating cucumber beetles
Bug patrol has become a weekly task, which at the moment just involves cabbage worm removal, but which will soon expand out in other directions.  I don't pick cucumber beetles (pictured above), choosing the lower-work option I explains in The Naturally Bug-Free Garden --- I simply select resistant varieties and succession plant to beat the bacterial wilt carried by the beetles.  (That's not to say that when a mating pair perches right in front of me that I don't squish them after taking a picture.)

Topped basilThe perennial plantings need my attention, but woody plants generally have to wait their turn at this time of year.  Instead of summer pruning fruit trees, I spend a minute snipping the top off the young basil plants so they'll bush out and produce many more leaves without rushing into bloom.  Of course, those basil tops make their way onto the menu too.

What's on your garden to-do list this week?

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