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Metal detector fun

testing out the new Bounty Hunter TK4 metal detector
2014 is the year I finally talked Anna into a metal detector.

On the list of things I want to find is an old chain we lost in the weeds and a small bolt for the rear prop shaft on the ATV.

We got the Bounty Hunter TK4, and it seems to be good at weeding out the junk if you know how to listen for the right kind of tone. Picking better target rich terrain might be another skill we need to learn, but I can already tell it's the kind of activity that's more fun with two people. Anna likes to do the digging while I do the scanning.

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My guess would be that you'll find plenty (especially around the location of the old house and the barn) But probably not what you're looking for!

Were there any civil war actions around there? That could yield interesting finds.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Dec 14 16:37:15 2014
I would love to read a longer review of the product, if you have more to say. I've been thinking of getting my dad a metal detector. Seems like the kind of thing he'd get a kick out of.
Comment by Heather Mon Dec 15 09:47:33 2014
Any historic stuff ever? Civil war? Even if not metal Indian or mastadon?
Comment by jim Mon Dec 15 22:47:11 2014

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime