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Mark on the Radio

MarkI wandered into Mark's room and saw that he was listening to the Agroinnovations podcast.  "Tell us more about your back to the land story," I heard.

Then Mark's voice popped out of the computer.  "Well, like a lot of stories, it starts with a girl..."

Awww! :-)  I had to listen to the whole thing, and I hope you will too.  This was the first time Mark had been interviewed for a podcast, so he was a bit nervous.  But I suspect you'll like hearing his story as much as I did.

Episode 53: The Walden Effect with Mark Hamilton.

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comment 1

Congrats Mark!

The media is a great way to get the word out and inspire people. My wife and I were just featured in the Denver Post and, although I don't think we are worthy of being called 'urban homesteaders' I'm happy that so many people are being introduced to the idea that you don't have to just grow roses and pansies in the city: .

You and Anna have inspired us in that we don't have to have a huge nest egg saved up or own a big farm house in order to live our own dreams. So thanks!

Now if you'll excuse me I have a podcast to listen too... Episode #53


Comment by Everett Tue May 26 12:37:29 2009
comment 2
Good article in the Denver Post! I was really impressed by the bits of your garden that I could see in the background of your bee movie.
Comment by anna Tue May 26 20:32:14 2009

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