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Mark appreciation week

Copier repair man

The week before Mark's birthday, I try to take a bit of time every day to appreciate the specialness of my sweet husband.  I don't buy him flowers or candy, but I do try to cook his favorite foods (especially things like hamburgers with white buns that don't make the diet-police cut during the rest of the year, or more time-consuming treats like potstickers that don't spring to mind when I'm pulling together a quick supper.)  This year I took over the dishes for the week --- I suspect Mark would rather have those couple of extra hours of freedom rather than a toy I picked up on a whim at the store.  It's not much, but I hope he feels appreciated.  Happy birthday, honey!

Show your appreciation for Mark by telling all of your friends about his invention, the homemade chicken waterer.

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wishing you the best, looks like ms anna will be doing a very good job on making your day special. Thanks Anna

Missing you guys. Love mom/roseanell

Comment by roseanell Mon Jan 10 09:09:10 2011
Happy Birthday Mark, you and Anna are a big inspiration, I'm hoping to move back to the country this summer and begin living a more free and natural lifestyle =)
Comment by Phil Mon Jan 10 13:34:00 2011
Happy Birthday Mark! You are appreciated. Great photo!
Comment by Everett and Missy Mon Jan 10 14:24:37 2011
What on Earth is a potsticker? I could google it but I thought I'd find out from the source -- sound very region-specific.
Comment by J Mon Jan 10 23:47:27 2011

Thanks to everybody for their birthday wishes!

Potstickers are a Chinese dumpling. You can see the recipe I use at Very tasty, but a bit time-consuming to put together.

Comment by anna Tue Jan 11 07:50:59 2011

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

It was the best birthday ever and I have a feeling my 42nd year will be beyond awesome.

Comment by mark Tue Jan 11 16:20:47 2011
Happy Belated Birthday! I forgot all about Mark's The Boss Week. Is that really you in the picture?! It's classic!
Comment by Brandy Thu Jan 13 07:24:42 2011
That's a self portrait Mark took of himself about 20 years ago when he was a copier repair man. I think it's adorable. :-)
Comment by anna Thu Jan 13 10:04:14 2011

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