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Mamaw's old Christmas tree stand

using an old Christmas tree stand for bucket waterer mounting

We used an old Christmas tree stand to mount a new EZ Miser chicken waterer.

It only took a few minutes to attach a piece of decking board to an 18 inch 2x4.

A scrap chunk of 2x4 at the bottom helps to even it out.

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I just wanted to let you know once more that I love your blog. Your book (The Weekend Homesteader)sits on our coffee table and we are constantly working through the months. With that said I wanted to use your blog to warn the home chicken people out there about Pit Bull dogs. Last week we lost our entire flock while we were at work. The neighbor told us that a pit bull dog that lives in the community tore off the fence with his mighty jaws and mass distruction occured.

We regarded out coop and pen as a well secured fort. Not so apparently.

We were guarding from foxes and raccoons. The thought of strong dogs never crossed our mind.

We live in a farming community and while chickens are regarded as farming animals , we do have an animal control person and dogs(pets) are not allowed to roam free.

We have grown accustion to the wonderful eggs and will replace our flock.

My question is what do you or other commenters suggest we should use for fenceing. NOT chicken wire or hard wire. Thats proven not to work.

Thank You


Comment by Donna Tue Oct 8 10:36:46 2013

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