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Lumber balance

Club Car lumber hauling and balancing

I learned two golf cart lessons this morning.

1. You can haul more lumber when the load is better balanced.

2. Entrance and exits are easier when you use the front door.

Now we have enough materials for the rest of the porch project and a roof to go over it.

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stompy :-)

You could probably sling quite a load under it, too. And imagine riding into town on it.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed May 2 16:56:04 2012
Yall need to get you a trailer for that vehicle. I can not wait to get one for us to use on our place.
Comment by Olan Wed May 2 22:52:35 2012

Roland --- Now, don't get Mark excited!

Olan --- For some reason, trailers get bogged down in our mud a lot more than just using the golf cart. It takes a lot less time to haul two loads than to get a trailer unstuck once, so we leave it at home...

Comment by anna Thu May 3 07:46:25 2012

I know. I want one too. Or at least play with it. :-)

All kidding aside, it seems like a vehicle that could work very well on rough terrain without damaging it much, if the pads on the feet are large enough to spread the load.

Comment by Roland_Smith Thu May 3 14:09:37 2012

The one thing Stompy seems to be lacking is some serious field testing.

That's why I plan to wait for the consumer, 2 person version of Boston Dynamics Big Dog.

Comment by mark Thu May 3 16:01:55 2012

Interesting. Did you note how four very small feet were able to support 575 lb without leaving big marks in the soil? It also handles rough terrain and disturbances really well. The "feet" seem kind of slippery, though. I still think that stompy looks a lot cooler, though. ;-)

And I think that stompy will see hard testing, since it's being built by students. Students are generally rough on equipment. :-)

Comment by Roland_Smith Thu May 3 16:21:11 2012

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime