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Lawn trailer bucket hauler failure

lawn trailer experiment failure

Found out today the 10 front plywood attachment screws are not enough.

I got about 3/4 of the way back fully loaded when it gave out on me.

I'm thinking 4 or 8 well placed bolts with nuts should keep it together.

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I think you may be trying to carry to much with it. While I did not make the mods to mine that you have made to yours, I pretty much fill it to capacity and it works fine. As mention in a previous comment, the only problem I have is the back wall coming off that was fixed with a come along.
Comment by Mark Mayer Thu Jun 27 17:56:41 2013
have you thought about adding a second deck to it. Maybe a sheet of plywood could be a removable shelf, when all your buckets on the top shelf are removed you could remove the plywood to get to the lower buckets.
Comment by john Thu Jun 27 21:55:51 2013
I wonder if a carriage bolt with large washers would solve this problem and still give you a smooth enough surface for your liking? This is what a wheelbarrow has. If not maybe these could be installed and another thin layer could be put on top to keep it completely smooth.
Comment by Brian Fri Jun 28 13:26:35 2013

Sheet metal screws have relatively fine and shallow thread. Wood screws have a coarser and deeper thread and tend to perform better in wood. But carriage bolt like Brian suggests would be a better idea.

At least bolt the V supporting the beam directly through the plywood with a carriage bolt on either side. When the trailer is loaded, this is the only connection loaded in tension. The weight of the load is pressing down on the axle support, so the bolts holding the axle support are not really loaded much.

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Jun 28 15:48:31 2013

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