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Ladders are dangerous!

Ladder lock down collage.

Anna and I have a strict safety rule that says climbing on a ladder needs to have a helper close by and sometimes the ladder needs to be held.

This new Ladder Lockdown plate seems like a good idea that could save your life.

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Just don't leave those staples lying around.

It would be the ultimate irony it you stepped off the ladder safely only to have you foot impaled on an upturned staple...

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Jul 28 19:43:43 2017
This looks it would be easy to make with some nails, wood and sticky material. Great idea!
Comment by Anonymous Sat Jul 29 00:35:24 2017
That item is all well and good on a flat LEVEL surface, but if you have to use the ladder on a slope, you'll need to level it first before you can use that item. Also, NEVER EVER use a kitchen step stool that folds unless you 1) stabilize it and 2) finagle a way to make sure it doesn't close up on you. I neglected to do the two later rules and ended up having the thing close up on my feet and the only way I could get my feet out was to fall, the result being I messed up my left sacroiliac joint. Not good. :(
Comment by Nayan Sat Jul 29 08:54:16 2017

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