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Kubota X900 Miles per Gallon

Kubota X900 where it sleeps at night.

We've driven the Kubota a little over 30 miles since the beginning.

I topped off the tank when it got down to half way recently and estimated that the average mileage for our style of driving is 7 MPG.

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So, how does the Kubota compare to the ATV and the golf cart?
Comment by Roland_Smith Sat Oct 15 14:54:39 2016

Thanks for reporting on the mileage, although I'm from a country that uses British Imperial measurement. So not quite sure of the conversion. I don't expect you to do any calculating, if I don't. ;)

Just wondering if it meets with your budget for fuel though? When we purchased a second vehicle at the beginning of the year, one thing we focused on was fuel efficiency. As you can literally save thousands, depending which way the price of petrol swings. But that's a road vehicle.

My question is, does fuel for the Kubota meet the budget for what has to be forked-out per week/month in fuel? It's like a second vehicle (as in our case) and you have to find the extra money from the existing budget, to run it. In our case, we have to cut back on other things if we want to use that vehicle more, or use the vehicle less in order to pay for other things. We don't use "exact" numbers, but we tweak depending how we want to use the vehicle.

Have you noticed it's impacting your budget in any positive or negative ways?

Comment by Chris Sat Oct 15 23:51:37 2016

Roland --- Unfortunately, that's an impossible question to answer. Neither of our previous two off-road vehicles had an odometer, and the golf cart was electric. So --- no comparison possible. Mark might be able to guess for the ATV, but I'm afraid I didn't pay enough attention. :-/

Chris --- We're not using the Kubota as a second vehicle on the road and don't plan to except possibly in a very rare instance like that one snow storm that locked us up in our driveway for over a week. As you can see from Mark's data, for our uses we're driving 2.5 miles per week...which means the fuel efficiency could be a tenth of what it is and still only barely impact the bottom line. At current gas prices, we're spending about $3 per month on Kubota fuel. And, no, that doesn't cut into our budget appreciably.

Comment by anna Sun Oct 16 09:44:00 2016

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