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Kindle vs Real Book

Anna pretending to work at a book store

No....Anna did not get a job working at a book store.

She just likes to illustrate what it would be like to carry around all the books she keeps on her Kindle and why she now prefers Kindle over a hard copy.

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Hi Anna,

Both Kindle and 'real book' are bad. Books in html followed by pdf and text are pretty good. See LOTS of really good free books. Also, and

Good luck to you both, John

Comment by John Sun Aug 12 08:39:19 2018
I like both. I have a Nook and love it but, I also like to read "real books" too. My Nook allows me access to books you cannot find in the library or book stores while an actual book allows me to read on my deck or the beach!
Comment by Pam Kaufman Sun Aug 12 09:55:15 2018

My Sony e-reader is OK-ish, I think. I have a lot of classics from and on it.

But personally, I still prefer real books. They don't need charging and are always on. One wall of my living room is covered in bookshelves. If I had an extra room, it would have bookcases all around and be my library. :-)

A lot of e-books (with the exection of those from abovementioned orgs) are encumbered with digital restrictions that I refuse to use.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Aug 12 12:34:52 2018

Hi Anna,

I'm always looking for a good suggestion on what to read. What are some of your favorite at the moment or ones you'd like to share? I just finished "The Book Thief," because my daughter has to read it for high school summer reading, just loved it! Then my stepmom lent me "Memoirs of a Geisha," so far very intriguing! Oh I can't forget, "The Weekend Homesteader!" I leave that out in the living room sometimes, it's fun to pick up and browse, I can't wait to start a real garden early next year and hoping my compost works out, even though I made it too small... Happy reading and writing!

Comment by Darcy Tue Aug 14 16:04:57 2018

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