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Keeping the water running during a cold spell

Dripping faucet

Even though we ordered our skirting supplies two weeks ago, they're not going to arrive until early next week. So we entered the current cold spell with insulation under our trailer but no skirting in place.

The solution? The good old faucet drip. Unfortunately, we didn't think to drip both hot and cold on the first night, so the hot-water line froze up when external temperatures got down to 9 degrees. I hope when that line thaws, we don't see a mess.

Snowy hillside

In the meantime, we're keeping our cold water running, hoping the drip will be enough to get us through until the weather breaks enough for us to close the underside of the trailer in. The simplicity of our old water system --- entering the trailer at only one point with a big tank we could resort to hauling buckets from if all else failed --- looks pretty good at a time like this. Of course, even that system broke down at -10. I hope we don't get to compare similar temperatures here in the week to come....

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I strongly urge you to buy some insulation from Lowes or wherever and wrap those waterlines before you put the skirting in. You'll be really glad you spent the money to do that when the next cold spell arrives!
Comment by Nayan Sat Dec 30 15:15:40 2017
Unless something is generating heat wrapping water lines is pointless. The main line coming in will require hest tape and insulation, there is not too much you can do for the lines running along the heating duct (of coure unless you run your furnace) in the insulated area under the trailer. Skirting around the trailer will help some but it will also allow that area to breathe to prevent mold and mildew. Bottom line is the area under the trailer should be treated a living space or you will always have problems. Install heat tape and insulation on exposed lines, 6 mill plastic on the ground, and skirting around the parameter, then cross your fingers. I have been there. Give me a visit if you are in my area next summer.
Comment by Zimmy Sat Dec 30 20:56:42 2017

It's days like these I don't miss living in a trailer. I remember that happening to my family when we lived in trailer. My mom finally invested in a heat tape and we didn't worry too much after that. Hopefully you don't have a mess when it thaws. Temps next week are supposed to be back up into the mid-thirties so maybe you will be able to get your skirting on before the next round of snow.


Comment by bleueaugust Sun Dec 31 06:22:00 2017

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