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Introduction to Farm Freezing, Part 4

Freezing chart.Careful notes are the key to freezer success.  I keep each type of food segregated in the freezer and draw a map so that I can find things easily.  Since I clean out the freezer entirely every spring and freeze in clear plastic containers, I don't even need to label my produce.

I do keep a very careful list of how much of each vegetable I've frozen, though.  Using a piece of graph paper, I list the name of each vegetable at the top, then hash off a square for each cup, pint, quart, or gallon (depending on the food) as I throw the day's produce in the freezer.  Once winter comes and I start pulling food out, I cross off the squares for food I've used.  That way I have a quick visual estimate of what I'm getting low on and don't end up eating all of the green beans in December and ignoring the summer squash until February.  Read more about how much to freeze....

This post is part of our Introduction to Farm Freezing lunchtime series.  Read all of the entries:

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comment 1
I love the visual guide to what's in the freezer. I need to make up one of those....
Comment by Fostermamas Thu Apr 23 19:28:34 2009
comment 2
I can't really take credit for it --- I got it from a Mother Earth News article, but I can't find it to cite it. :-)
Comment by anna Fri Apr 24 07:54:28 2009

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