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Intrepid line-workers bring back power early

Powerline worker

My favorite color (this week at least) is fluorescent yellow.  That's the color of line-workers coming to hook us back up Sunday.

Foot logI honestly wasn't expecting anyone to drop by until at least today, and Mark and I both remembered last time when we kept seeing people (and even a helicopter)...then went several more days without power.  But these young men skipped across the (now very scary) log the barn roofers used last spring, snapped splices onto the powerline, then quickly cranked the lines back into place.  We ate Sunday dinner cooked on the electric stove with real lights!

Electric line repair

I've got lots more power outage excitement to relate (like the cheesecake I made on the wood stove), but I'll save that for the days to come.  Later, we'll assess how we did and what we want to change before the next unexpected outage, but for now we're a little giddy over on-demand internet.

Our chicken waterer is the clean solution for pampered backyard hens.

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Have you ever looked at really amazing pictures. Like in National Geographic Magazine, or Walden Effect? It is incredible how little I see people commenting on the photos here. I do not challenge that. I suppose they speak for themselves. But wow!
Comment by Maggie Mon Jan 21 09:48:12 2013

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime