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Industrial-Strength adhesive comparison

Professional Welder all purpose contact adhesive image

One item I've always tried to keep in the tool box is a tube of cyanoacrylate (SuperGlue).

I usually get to use a tube 2 or 3 times before it clogs up...even the more advanced containers still seem to eventually stop flowing well before the glue is gone.

Welder is a new all purpose contact adhesive I've had great luck with in the past year that's made with a chemical known as Toluene. It's somewhere between SuperGlue and a 2 part epoxy and is easy to work with and even easier to open back up a few months later without the cap being permanently stuck.

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Toluene is one of those solvents that are best avoided. It is a neurosurpressant (even to the point of death in case of people who sniff glue to get high) and can cause irreparable damage to the nervous system. Like a lot of solvents it can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. It is often contaminated with benzene, which is toxic and a carcinogen. Toluene was banned in Europe for sale to consumers in 2004.
Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Dec 29 18:34:13 2010
Huh, I remember toluene as being the stuff in model airplane glue; I thought it mostly dissolved and bonded plastic, rather than being a general adhesive.
Comment by irilyth [] Wed Dec 29 19:32:08 2010

There is a danger to this stuff.

Keep away from open flames and avoid prolonged contact with skin.

Permanent brain and nervous system damage can result from deliberate concentration and inhaling of this content.

Comment by mark Thu Dec 30 08:44:54 2010


I'm guessing this glue is some kind of plastic dissolved in toluene with some additives. As the solvent evaportates, the plastic reverts to a solid.

Comment by Roland_Smith Thu Dec 30 11:13:48 2010

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