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How to tell if your solar eclipse glasses are fake

Fake eclipse glasses

I've been duped...and I hope you weren't too!

After reading a couple of articles about fake eclipse glasses, I performed a simple at-home test on the supposedly ISO certified offerings I bought on Amazon. I placed the glasses on my face and turned toward an ordinary household light.

From what I've read, true eclipse glasses would have showed only total darkness in this situation. Unfortunately, I could easily see the light through my glasses...meaning that I could have burnt out my vision while watching the upcoming solar eclipse.

So if you've bought eclipse glasses, test them today. This test isn't a sure-fire way to tell glasses are safe, but it can definitely pull out the cheapest knockoffs like ours that aren't safe. To be 100% confident, buy only from the approved list of suppliers. Good luck and hope for cloudless skies!

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I don't know about mine. I haven't put them on yet because they have instructions not to wear them prior to the eclipse, but they are upstairs and I will test them.

I bought 2 sets.

One from this link

And one from this:

I assume the second link is junk. Not sure about the first one.

I have 3 of the first one so I hope they are good!

Very frustrating not to have good specs.

Comment by Maggie Wed Aug 2 08:10:45 2017
My glasses went black! They're good!
Comment by maggie Wed Aug 2 08:17:53 2017

Johnson City Public Library states that Lowes and Walmart are selling the eclipse glasses as well for a nominal fee. Walmart's selling them for $1.00.

Yes, the lenses need to look black when you're looking through them. It's a lot like the glass in a welder's helmet.

Comment by Nayan Wed Aug 2 11:55:07 2017

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