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Honeymoon on a budget

Mayan ruinsWhen we got married in December, I didn't even consider a honeymoon.  But Mark is a serious proponent of treating yourself well, even on a homestead budget.  Wondering how a honeymoon and a budget go together?  Read on.

Our first thought was to book passage on a freighter.  For about $100 per person per day, you can live in luxurious accommodations aboard a container ship, seeing the world in style.  Since freighters tend to have only a handful of passengers and no fancy activities, this is truly the way to travel for self-sufficient introverts.  Someday, we want to hop a freighter and drift down to Peru to explore Macchu Pichu, but for now the lengthy duration of freighter trips is out of our price (and time) range.

Instead, we settled on something I never even considered --- a Caribbean cruise.  Due to the swine flu scare in Mexico and our current recession, you can book a 5 day cruise for $250 (less if you don't mind a windowless cabin.)  Since that price tag includes food and accommodations, it's a pretty awesome deal --- it'd be hard to beat that staying in the motel down the road and eating at McDonalds.  So we bought our tickets for the fall and started to dream of Mayan ruins!

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Wow... that is really cheap. I am wwaaaaaaayyyy overdue on treating myself to a real vacation. I might just have to book a cruise now that you mention that. Heck... that's only equivalent two and a half hours or so plane rental... my real hobby right now is flying. Eventually, I hope to make it a second career.
Comment by Shannon Fri Jun 26 21:07:28 2009
I have looked at the freighter travel web site you linked. Very interesting! I have put it in my favorites. Maybe, someday...... My parents always wanted to do a freighter trip, but never did.
Comment by Sheila Fri Jun 26 21:22:18 2009
comment 3

Shannon --- you should go for it! It's hard to go far wrong with a vacation that cheap.

About planes --- Mark's saving up for a powered parachute. He dreams of flying just like he dreams of freighter travel. :-)

Comment by anna Sat Jun 27 09:17:57 2009
comment 4
Sheila --- you definitely deserve a trip on a freighter! No point in putting things off if you really want to do them (although I'll be eternally jealous... :-)
Comment by anna Sat Jun 27 09:19:00 2009

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