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Homesteading hovercraft

hovercraft diy

This DIY hovercraft was made by one of the Myth Buster guys back in 2012.

He made it for his kid, but I was thinking if it would hold a kid it might hold some 5 gallon buckets loaded with horse manure.

Maybe make it bigger with a few more leaf blowers and it could be pulled like a wagon across the swamp and back to the garden.

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That's gotta be a waaayyy better use for those (expletive deleted) noisy LOUD useless leaf blowers!
Comment by Nayan Tue Jul 5 16:55:26 2016

Keep in mind that the skirt needs to be long enough give enough float height and conform to the contours of the ground. Loose too much air and you're stuck.

Looking at the racing videos on youtube, driving one looks like a lot more fun than pulling one, though. :-)

With all the air being pumped through, you'd expect a lot of spray around the skirt when you're crossing water or mud. But on the video's I've seen it doesn't seem too bad.

Comment by Roland_Smith Tue Jul 5 17:03:21 2016
That's the one!
Comment by kaat Tue Jul 5 18:01:44 2016
I remember friends m my childhood seeing some actual hovercraft (personal) on the Alabama coast. So there are/were some 2 seater hovercraft around at that time. I would also look for commercial ones rather than just DYI
Comment by Bw Tue Jul 5 18:47:58 2016

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