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Health update

You are awesomeI've had several concerned emails/calls from family and friends lately, so I thought I should give a brief followup about my grumpy gut.

The short version --- it's still grumpy. I'm mostly managing to keep diarrhea to a minimum with a (not-quite-so-severely) restricted diet. Meanwhile, I have an appointment with a specialist at the end of the month that I hope will determine the root cause and start me on the path toward healing.

While we wait, Mark has put me on half duty, which keeps me cheerful and prevents exhaustion from eating me alive. During the freed-up time, I've been spending more hours with the goats and have also taken up coloring books. I would have laughed at such structured art years ago, but my writing time uses up all of my creative juices and being able to simply play with colors within an established framework is awfully restful and fun.

Thank you all for your kind wishes!

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I had your similar symptoms start for me about 16 years ago. After many tests I was diagnosed with celiac and also microscopic colitis. The colitis only presents if they do a biopsy during a colonoscopy. I wish they would start with the celiac test and the biopsy while doing a colonoscopy. It would have saved me so many stool tests and other assorted fun procedures :) I wish you the best. Luckily the cure for me was mostly in diet once I got the diarrhea under control.
Comment by Nancy Tue Sep 20 13:21:57 2016
I hope you continue to heal and I have found that adult coloring while scoffed at by many is a very restful and creative way to spend time after a stressful day.
Comment by Teri Tue Sep 20 15:26:37 2016
I have been thinking about you since you mentioned being under the weather and trying to recover. I have no advice, just want you to know you ARE awesome and I'm rooting for you.
Comment by Becky Wed Sep 21 12:51:23 2016

Hi Anna and Mark,

  I read an interview with the MD of GAPSDIET.ORG. Bone broth sounded like a good idea anyways. Seems to help me. And seems consistent with the other things I have read. 

 I eventually bought her book "Gut and Psychology Syndrome" and am glad I did.

There are also a couple of very interesting things buried in some of the past Wise Traditions journal issues  [ - on line for free]. 

An article: Our Daily Bread by Katherine Czapp seems to me to talk about a cure.

A letter to the editor Summer 2016 "Centenarians of Costa Rica".

A letter to the editor  Winter 2012 "Miracle of Soaked Grain".

I hope you get back to good health soon!!

Thanks for all you do and have done!

You are an inspiration to me.

Comment by John Wed Sep 21 18:19:18 2016
2017 is upon us and your health seems to be vastly improving. I see you sprucing up the look of your home and it's about time, sister! :) But really I am proud to see those awesome colors and I am happy they will be cheerful for you and healthy. I was browsing your blog for the perfect place to comment this, and I chose here because of how important and central health is to everything. For all the dirt that surrounds you, for all of the darkness you might experience, in stomach illness and long winters, I hope you continue making the most of things, and layering the wall with bright colors! :) I love how your coloring extended into interior designing. Keep it up, keep thinking bigger! Biodynamic artist of the soul!
Comment by Maggie Tue Dec 27 15:22:44 2016

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